Kent yaşamının dar ve zorlu alanlarını rahat, nefes alınan projeler ile değerli insanlarımız için yaşanır kılar.
Konut, otel, alışveriş merkezi ve yaşamın her karesinde yer alan mekanları tasarlıyor ve üretiyoruz.

    In the renewal of disaster-risk structures, areas with disaster risk are determined and made habitable, depending on the law.

    It envisages the reconstruction of buildings at risk of demolition in cities and villages all over the country by taking advantage of the construction loan, rent support, municipal fees and tax advantages provided by the state.

    It refers to the reserve structure area determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, together with the risky area determined by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

    Risk detection agencies, which have a license from the Ministry, determine whether a building is risky or not. The regulation on this subject was published in the Official Gazette dated 6.03.2007 and numbered 26454.

    According to the regulation, if the economic life of the building has expired or if it has the risk of collapse or high damage in an earthquake, the building is considered risky.

    Buildings in areas accepted as reserve or application areas by the decision of the Council of Ministers are considered as risky.

    If the owners do not apply, the Ministry or the Municipality performs the risk assessment.

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