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İdealist Yapı

Idealist Yapı, with its goals of creating privileged and happy living spaces, has undertaken an environmentalist mission that gives importance to nature and living things.

Since its establishment, it has always been an expert in its business “Quality Service” and always carries its own goals up by producing projects on the line that cares about the understanding of.

 Yusuf Sertkaya is a partner and co-founder in 2003, Ideal Yapı Mühendislik , which is the continuation of Idealist Yapı operates in the real estate and construction sector, both in Turkey and abroad. It provides services for private, urban transformation and public sector in areas besides special buildings in residences, infrastructure, shopping malls, hotels, landscaping, city parks, education and health projects.

For many years, we have progressed by taking the satisfaction of our customers in the construction and real estate sector, without compromising our understanding of quality and respect for people, living things and the environment. ByIdealist Yapıyurt successfully completing many projects throughout the, we have become one of the trusted and first brands of the construction industry.

Our Values

By adhering to our values, we beautify your living spaces and increase their quality.


To present the quality on time and at the determined value in the realized projects.


To comply with all the requirements of the Quality Management System standard and to continuously improve the system.


Working without sacrificing engineering disciplines


Comply with legal regulations and customer specifications

Our Mission

In line with the expectations and needs, with our experience, our expert staff, our uncompromising management philosophy and innovative approaches; To maintain our understanding of ‘reliable’ and ‘quality service’ by continuing to be one of the most important companies of the sector in the future as it is today, and to produce projects that are above the line, not standard.



Our Vision

Standing out with its institutionalization and reliability in the sector; To be a respected and pioneering company that is taken as an example with its innovative and stable stance, and to increase Turkey’s potential power that is open to investment with modern values, with its employees and customers.



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